Monday, September 17, 2012

rustic diy camp massachusetts wedding of julia + dan

I don't really think it can get much more personal, unique and special than Julia + Dan's wedding which they held at the very same summer camp that they had first met as children -- Camp Kinderland in Massachusetts. They infused so many personalized details throughout every moment of the day (they even uniquely walked one another down the aisle with her father officiating), that it was all just such a joy to be a part of, to look at + to capture through photography. They are just such a sincere couple with so much love for one another (love that has been between them for so many years already!) and their positive energy was just absolutely contagious. I honestly could not have been more honored to have worked with them and I enjoyed every single part of the day, so much so that my (normally considered) huge 125 GB memory card seemed to fill up in an instant! Here's a sneak peek of Julia + Dan's insanely romantic and beautiful camp wedding photographs!

Congratulations to Julia + Dan and stay tuned for more of their love: coming soon is the little video trailer from their day!

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  1. Melissa, I am so lucky to have found you! You a super talented photographer who captured my wedding just as I saw it. I can really feel the love and the joy behind your photos. And, you have such a warm and positive spirit! Thank you so much for these pictures. Each one is more beautiful than the next..


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