Thursday, April 23, 2015

vintage style wedding editing

Over the last few years of business I have seen a lot of wedding photography fads come and go and although some have been incredibly appealing, I have tried to always stick to my own personal style of taking a picture and a classic/timeless/natural style of editing. Recently though I discovered a box of vintage wedding photographs, all black and white naturally, and I was so inspired. I loved how grayed many of them had become and the strong contrast and grain. It gave me goosebumps. So I began fiddling with my black and white presets to create something that emulated the same emotion that I saw in these old photos. Here are some samples of what I have come up with. I am still not sure how I will roll out this new option, whether if by request or just at my own discretion when I in the editing room discover a photograph that calls out to me to be transformed, but I am in the meantime loving the results!

Monday, April 13, 2015

chappaqua ny kittle house inn wedding of cara + eric

Cara + Eric really are that couple that light up the room. They are both so incredibly funny, sweet, and attentive not only to each other but also to anyone else in that lit up room with them. And from the moment I met them, they treated me with such kindness, like we had known each other forever. They were such a pleasure to be around throughout their March wedding day and to capture and I especially loved how they had a unique ceremony in the tap room of Kittle House Inn in Chappaqua NY as well as how they made a big personal announcement after their cake cutting, which was just so incredibly fun. I loved everything about them and their wedding and am excited to share this little sneak peek of their celebration!

Such a big congratulations to Cara + Eric!!
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