Friday, January 31, 2014

brooklyn/long island ny wedding of christina + george

I had been long awaiting Christina and George's January wedding since I had first FaceTimed with her when I was very pregnant. I felt like I had known her my whole life and I just loved her personality -- so bubbly, friendly, and kind. She told me how her mom would be walking her down the aisle and as I had the same experience and had yet to work with a bride who had wanted to do that, I felt so incredibly connected to their plans! When I finally met them a few months later at the venue (and got to meet George for the first time), I just knew these two were special and that their wedding would be too. So incredibly happy and just downright fun to be around, they infused so much of their personalities into their day and it was no surprise that their wedding was such a blast! Not all couples can pull off a winter-time January celebration, but they did it so well, even with the first half being in Brooklyn and the second half being in Long Island. I loved it all -- how they got ready right across the street from each other (her in her grandmother's apartment and he in their own) but didn't see each other no matter how tempting, the ceremony at the church right around the corner, and the reception where they had a guitarist play their first dance song (rather than the DJ). It was all so beautifully planned and so much fun to be a part of and as they shared so much appreciation for us throughout the day, my team and I felt so honored to be working with such an amazing pair! 

Such a big congratulations to Christina + George & be on the look-out for their video trailer coming very soon!!
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