Friday, August 5, 2016

ny wedding of alexis + doug

When I get to see a couple again after working with their siblings or loved ones in the years past, I get very very excited. Now that I take on a very limited number of weddings, I prefer it because it feels incredibly personal to already be tuned in to family dynamic and personalities, almost like they are a part of my family as well. Getting to meet up with Alexis and Doug again and capture their wedding day was no exception -- I loved seeing familiar faces and getting to know these two amazing people better too. So very down to earth, kind-hearted, funny times a million, they were a joy to photograph and their unique wedding beyond photo-worthy. During their ceremony a light drizzle fell upon us and then the clouds opened up faster than I have ever seen and the sun came pouring out to shine down on them. It was amazing to witness and I like to think it really speaks to their love!

Congratulations to Alexis and Doug!!!
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