Sunday, September 26, 2010

NYC Wedding Portraits

He's from England. She's from Australia. They found each other and fell in love. With a round-trip plane ticket to New York City, the two married at City Hall, sweetly walked the streets of Manhattan with my lens to capture, and then flew back home with rings on their fingers and smiles on their faces. This couple is one of those couples that reminds you of one of the most important aspects of life -- experience.

Congratulations to Kelli + David! Look out for the whole spread of portraits, coming soon to See The Be.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

see the be: maria + chris

Check it out. You can see the full proof gallery of the beautiful sunflower and sunkissed wedding of Maria and Chris at See The Be. Enjoy and be well.

Coming This Week: Kelli + David
Coming Next Week: Kasiya + Udit

Saturday, September 18, 2010

coming soon

With eagerness to share, coming soon is the sneak peek collection of Kelli + David's unique day of NYC love. Hold tight!

Friday, September 10, 2010

launch of project beWED

Welcome to the beginning of the new beIMAGED venture of:

I am surrounded by a city of bright lights, vibrant culture, and lots of fun/unique resources for couples planning a Manhattan wedding. Enter the camera of beIMAGED Photography, and the concept of Project beWED. It is simple, really. It is here that I can create the perfect look book for stylish, captivating, romantic, and different kinds of weddings. Whether it is City Hall you are planning to head to, a little restaurant in Midtown, or a grand event in the Puck Building, my camera will take you where you might want to go but haven't been to yet.

To launch Project beWED, the trusty Canon lens and I found ourselves in an adorable vintage boutique in Soho, and it was just filled with sweet + pretty white dresses to call your own. The store is Exquisite Costume, and it is quite exquisite - featuring quite a selection of vintage clothing mainly from the '30s through '80s. No matter what kind of a wedding you are planning, an antique dress can add such character and warmth to your special day. (Did I mention that you can spend much, much less mula on a vintage gown? Example: The dresses featured in this post ranged from $150 - $750.) Maybe it is just the direction you have been looking for, and maybe not. Either way, you can get a sense of what a vintage wedding-style dress might look like if you come along for the ride:

What fun. Huge Thank You to Exquisite Costume, and stay tuned for Project beWED and all of the other beIMAGED coverage to come!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

rustic vintage ny wedding

 Two weeks ago, I had the divine pleasure of being able to photograph a wedding that made my heart melt. As a designer, the amazing bride, Andrea, was able to craft and organize every little detail from the mason jar candle-holders dangling from the trees to the unique vintage-looking fabric patches used as a backdrop for the pair's ceremony. With some serious DIY (do-it-yourself) skills running in the family, her mother even made all 3 of the girls' stunning dresses. Even the groom knew how to not miss a beat, by having a charming turquoise rowboat waiting out on the pond for Andrea to see as she walked down the aisle.

This entry only features a small portion of all the beauty and uniqueness that I captured -- but here is the "sneak peek collection" from the lovely/charming/adorable rustic vintage farm wedding of Andrea + Jeph.

Congratulations to such an awesome couple!

More photographs from the special day of Andrea + Jeph's wedding can be found on See The Be for friends and family to enjoy!
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