Saturday, February 27, 2010

dog and cat

My friend's pets, dog and cat, are great reminders of the odd and beautiful relationship that exists between the two. One usually being smaller and more independent, the other bigger and more reliant on the owner. They balance each other out, similar to a human couple: two beings from different backgrounds coming together to make a pair. Sometimes they bicker, sometimes they play, but most times they just simply like to hang out.

Shown above, the cat is lounging on a rug that is likely an Indian interpretation of a Persian Herati design, which is also sometimes referred to as a "mahi - mahi" pattern (stylized fish). Traditionally, rugs from Iran which would feature such patterns would be those from Bidjar (Bijar) or Tabriz, although adaptations of such may be found to be from many other weaving areas as well. {information thanks to: Rug Rag}

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Friday, February 19, 2010

the situation: otis album review

For a lack of a better work-station, my car can tend to become my writing haven. And while sitting in the warmth of my vehicle on a cold winter's night, with the self-titled OTiS album coming to life through my speakers, I am transported into a world of funky grooves.

The Brooklyn, NY based funk and soul band begins their to-be-released CD with the song "All Over Again", which supplies a full dose of groove and starts the music off right. Put into a blender of delight, this song showcases the group's ability to create a nice mixture of fast-pace vocals with poignant and up-beat instrumentals.

The next track that is more than an honorable mention is "Colorado", which satiates itself in Spanish-inspired beats, with more subdued vocals than is typical for the lead singer, Craig. He takes it down an octave two for this song, and it works: perhaps better than any of the other songs on the disk. With a simple beat, and interesting lyrics, this song seems to have the most story to it. Many of the other OTiS songs are filled with message, hope, and concept, whereas this one stands out to tell us a story about a girl in Colorado. The keys help to make this my favorite tune, with a sound and tone reminiscent to those of the famous "Dancin' in the Moonlight", and in fact, the song itself supplies a vision of a summer night with the moon looming over you and the illuminated person, who you want to better understand, sitting by your side.

This favorite song of mine flows well into the second half of the album, which I prefer over the first half. With a high level of emotion in track 6, "Reconstruction", I am reminded of one of my favorite bands, The Thievery Corporation (in a good way). Onto track 9, "Die Easy", we are taken back to a slowed down tempo. This one is the most haunting, feeling its way through your system with its blues club good vibrations. This is the song that I, personally, cannot wait to see performed live, if not only for the way that it manages to kick you back into the past, into the days where it felt good to sway back and forth to existential thinking in the form of song.

The cover art, designed by Olivia Magnotta, is a big proponent of the album that is worth mentioning, with its ability to fully capture the playfullness, funk, and color of the band. Like "Colorado", it works more than just a little bit.

While this is certainly not a Hollywood-ized band, these guys certainly make due with what they've got. And what they've got is a fast-ripping singer and guitarist, and an instrumental band filled with buckets of talent on drums, bass, percussion, and keys.

The CD Release Party is on February 26th, at Sullivan Hall of NYC, the night starting off at 7:30 pm with Ben Ruttenberg. The tickets are cheap, the music is good, the band is fun: get there at 7:30 or 8, and maybe I will buy you a drink.

Friday, February 12, 2010

in a delta state of mind

There was this once upon a time when a friend and I got stuck in an airport for 8 hours. The blizzard outside could not stop any of us from being out of luck when we arrived 30 minutes before our plane was meant to be boarding. To pass the time, I took black and whites in an attempt to capture our experience.

I will never forget the woman at baggage check saying: "Well, I am sorry about this, but we just don't have enough staff to check you in and help you board the plane." I quickly imagined a staff of 3 running around frantically tying to check people in, board the plane, fly it, and then hand out hollow pillows and lifeless cocktails too. It did seem like a lot of work for only 3 people, so I went with that thought.

Not seen by many, these photographs recently returned to my mind when I found out that Northwest Airlines (the airline that "the 3" worked for and made us suffer that snowy day) has merged with Delta Airlines. I say congratulations NWA for going Delta: I see a happy and healthy future in store for you.

Friday, February 5, 2010

the abandoned land of eastern kentucky

Having never been much of a landscape photographer, it felt odd to be so drawn to this place in Eastern Kentucky, just outside of Paintsville. But there was power to be felt in not knowing who once lived on these acres of land, nor who had lived on them in the time since. With my family grazing the muddy ground, I stood in awe of the wonder in all of our eyes: wanting to understand what this place must have once been but no longer is.

all photography by Melissa Lynn of beIMAGED Photography.
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