Friday, October 21, 2011

alger house nyc wedding of sam + jill

When I first met Sam + Jill, it was like I had known them my whole life, and if I were to guess, I would say that everyone who meets them probably feels that way too because they are just that friendly, warm, and fun-loving. They both went to University of Miami but didn't meet until they were both in Manhattan. Pretty amazing, right? With music being a key component of both their lives, it was only fitting that after years of dating, Sam proposed to Jill in a music studio where if I am not mistaken, was where they first met! They dreamt up and brought to life their music-infused wedding at Alger House tucked away on a quiet, little European-like street in Manhattan on October 8th, and it was just filled with so much of their personalities. They had their favorite musician {currently on tour} Gabe Dixon perform during their reception, cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery which was where they had their first date, their University of Miami hand signs up the whole day, their friend {a grown man} in a pink tutu playing the role of ring bearer dancing down the aisle just for laughs, and what better venue for two NYC creative souls than a Manhattan loft-like space filled with an incredible amount of art? The whole day was just adorable, sweet, and fun just like Sam + Jill themselves!

A big congratulations to Sam and Jill!!! And if you never saw their Brooklyn / Manhattan engagement portraits, take a look here.
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