Wednesday, August 29, 2012

new haven lawn club ct wedding: video trailer

And the wait is over! As Yasu joined me at the recent late July New Haven Lawn Club CT wedding of the super awesome and sweet Jane + Bobby, here is the little video trailer I have put together with the feature-length film on its way!

Coming Soon:
-Melissa + Dan's Woodstock Wedding! -Jenny, Matt + baby Dylan Portrait Session!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

bell house brooklyn ny wedding of holly + michael

I am such a huge fan of Michael and Holly that it is pretty darn silly! I just really adored them from the moment we first met and everything was just so wonderfully unique and awesome about their wedding that I became even more smitten with them. Their wedding was at The Bell House in Brooklyn -- normally a music concert venue converted into the coolest wedding spot ever -- and as big music buffs, it was all just so fitting for them. They even had a live band Mixtape who did not disappoint at all and played a selection of all of their favorite songs from all different genres in a totally non-cheesy non-typical way -- it was like a live concert and nothing short of it. By far the best wedding band I have ever seen! I just can't gush enough about it all. I enjoyed myself so immensely being able to work with this amazing pair and could not have felt more special to be the one to capture their incomparable day!

Such a big congratulations to Holly + Michael!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

prospect park boathouse wedding of nicole + jordan

I had the divine pleasure of photographing Nicole + Jordan's Prospect Park Boathouse wedding a couple of weeks ago and may I just say that it was nothing short of magical! The colors and the atmosphere was just out of this world beautiful and the nature setting fit this more than genuine couple so perfectly. I still honestly can't get over their flower selections -- just love them so much and have plenty of photos to show for it! And I had adored Nicole + Jordan from the moment that I met them so I knew it was all going to be so incredibly special and unique, but I think it was even more special and sweet than I had ever imagined!

Such a big congratulations to Nicole + Jordan!!

Coming Soon:

-Jane + Bobby's New Haven CT Wedding Video Trailer
-Holly + Michael's Brooklyn Bell House Wedding
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