Wednesday, June 20, 2012

dumbo loft brooklyn ny wedding reception of charmaine + ghazi

Charmaine + Ghazi are just one of those amazing couples that I instantaneously felt at ease around. Literally after meeting them for the first time at their wedding reception at The Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn, I couldn't stop smiling because they were just so much fun to be around. Naturally because of their personalities, their wedding celebration was incredibly fun to be around as well and I could not have had a better time capturing their night!

Such a big congratulations to Charmaine + Ghazi!


  1. Many Congrats & Blessings to my brother and cousin Ghazi & his beautiful wife Charmaine.
    Wish i was there joining you @ that womderful occassion.
    May God bless you both & pave your way to happiness & joy through out your lives.
    .......................................With Love

  2. Many Congrats to my cousin (brother) Ghazi and his beautiful wife Charmaine on their wedding.

    Wish i was there to join in your wonderous occassion.

    May God bless you both and pave your journey together to the path of love and happiness.

    your cousin (brother) Ali

  3. Wondering how you set up your photobooth. Can u message me at


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