Friday, June 22, 2012

connecticut wedding film trailer of cynthia + waker

With Cynthia + Waker, I had the unique opportunity to solely shoot video alongside Yasu, rather than my normal photographing away schedule. It was really fun and what a special wedding to be a part of in a different way! I adored that their CT wedding location along the lake was a place that they knew well and had been to many times and wow, what a lovely + perfect location it was! As you can see above I couldn't help but to snap a couple of photos as the Connecticut backdrops all around the area were just out of this world beautiful -- I just loved all of the subtle shadows of nature surrounding them. For the most part though, I focused on capturing their incredibly personalized + sweet handmade wedding on video and Yasu + I had such a wonderful time! Check out the trailer I have put together:

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