Friday, February 12, 2010

in a delta state of mind

There was this once upon a time when a friend and I got stuck in an airport for 8 hours. The blizzard outside could not stop any of us from being out of luck when we arrived 30 minutes before our plane was meant to be boarding. To pass the time, I took black and whites in an attempt to capture our experience.

I will never forget the woman at baggage check saying: "Well, I am sorry about this, but we just don't have enough staff to check you in and help you board the plane." I quickly imagined a staff of 3 running around frantically tying to check people in, board the plane, fly it, and then hand out hollow pillows and lifeless cocktails too. It did seem like a lot of work for only 3 people, so I went with that thought.

Not seen by many, these photographs recently returned to my mind when I found out that Northwest Airlines (the airline that "the 3" worked for and made us suffer that snowy day) has merged with Delta Airlines. I say congratulations NWA for going Delta: I see a happy and healthy future in store for you.

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