Thursday, November 21, 2013

long island wedding of janet + martin

I am a huge fan of day-time weddings because the natural light is just so gosh darn beautiful and well, there is something really fun about starting the day off with lots of love. Janet + Martin had the sweetest of sweet day-time weddings on Long Island at Fox Hollow at the beginning of the month and I loved capturing every minute of it. Such a graceful and kind-spirited duo, they made no big deal about seeing each other before their nuptials -- she gently tried to do his bow tie and they hung out in the same room with the excitement building for both of them until it was time for the ceremony. And when during their reception a very intense moment happened with an ill family member, they stayed completely calm and collected and only cared about what was happening for the loved one. I had never seen anything like it. They are incredibly special and so was their wedding. Congratulations to Janet + Martin!

I loved this moment they had!

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