Thursday, October 10, 2013

university settlement ny wedding of sarah + jeremy

I instantaneously connected with Sarah + Jeremy when I met them for the first time and I knew their wedding was going to be an awesome one, but I don't think my expectations could have been more exceeded when their big day came along on September 21st. It is not every day that you look up a venue online and literally cannot find one wedding picture -- but this is exactly what happened to me after meeting the two of them and looking up their venue: University Settlement Theater in Beacon NY. Their wedding was one that would be truly unique and not modeled after any particular one that had come before. A lot like them. Truly unique and completely genuine. So many of their friends and family members chipped in (out-of-towners even brought homemade desserts to add to the table) to make the wedding as special as it was and every detail from the semi-circular arrangement of the ceremony to the handmade cabin art-piece at their table to the groom wearing his dad's vintage suit (the one he wore on his wedding day!), was just so filled with love, whimsy, and spirited joy. I had such a great time capturing everything about their beautiful handmade wedding and being a part of it all that as I cull + edit the photos, I keep thinking to myself: let's do it again, y'all!

Love love loved all of their different dresses + the hues!
I did not ask them to do this and I honestly couldn't believe they pulled it off!

Such a big thank you to my amazing newest second shooter Elena for her help + talented eye & a huge congratulations to Sarah + Jeremy -- thank you so much for choosing me to capture your gorgeous and insanely fun wedding!!

Coming Soon:

- Catherine + Kevin's CT Winery Wedding
- Kiera + John's Autumn Ski Lodge Wedding
- Tricia + Ariel's Berkshires Barn Wedding

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