Friday, November 2, 2012

westchester ny wedding of lisa + brendan

Lisa + Brendan are so incredibly genuine, absolutely fun-loving, and ever-so adventurous + unique. I knew from the moment I met them last year that there wedding day was going to be out of the box and out of this world fun and it was of course exactly both. They wed in Lisa's childhood church in Tuckahoe NY and then my team, me, and the entire bridal party trekked over the to the awesome abandoned building to take some fun-time graffiti style portraits + video shots. It was such a blast and was so very Lisa + Brendan which made me love it all that much more. The reception moved us all to another Westchester spot - the Tarrytown Doubletree - which allowed the lively mix of guests the room and space to dance their hearts out throughout the rest of the night. It was such an honor to be a part of Lisa + Brendan's wedding day and I/we could not have had a better time! 

Stay tuned for Lisa + Brendan's film trailer & such a big congratulations to the bride and groom!

Also coming soon:

- Lanie + Jake's Webb Barn CT Wedding
- Kayla + Phil's Brooklyn NY Wedding Film Trailer
- Claire + Mike's Hudson Valley Engagement Portraits
- Jaci + Dan's Harlem NY Engagement Portraits

**I would also like to take a moment to say I am sorry to anybody and everybody here on the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy. This storm is nothing like I have ever seen before and obviously it has affected so many of us. I am someone only without power but in living in an area with lots of other power sources, I feel blessed and I know that not everyone has been so lucky. I just want to say my hearts is with those who have been affected by the storm.**


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