Thursday, May 24, 2012

my open air photo booth

I most certainly prefer to be behind the camera at all times but after having just recovered from a bad cold, I thought what better way to have fun than to practice my "open air photo booth" set up + snap some photos! With an upcoming June wedding celebration utilizing my DIY-style booth, hopefully lots of fun + silly group photos will be much more exciting than the just me ones but for now here they are! And for some info on my little booth: my props include a couple of vintage frames to peek through and lips, 'staches, + lots of cuteness courtesy of the awesome Mister Mustache. Backdrop options include seamless white, vintage style brown with gold or black + white design.

Okay, enough of me...
Coming Very Soon:

-Cynthia + Waker's Connecticut Wedding Video Trailer
-Jen + Doug's Kittle House Wedding Photos & Video Trailer
-Angela + Shane's Chinatown NYC Wedding Sneak Peek

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