Friday, March 9, 2012

my mini moo cards

As I offer a little free goodie with my wedding photography services that I simply call "mini MOO cards", couples are always wondering exactly what these little treats are. So, without further adieu, I think it's about time to shine some light on them! They are made by my favorite paper company (I use them for all paper products from my business cards to extras like thank you cards/postcards) called MOO and they measure in at the sweet size of 1" x 2.75". When my wedding clients choose to have engagement portraits, I create these cards for the wedding day with an assortment of their own pretty pre-wedding pictures + on the back reads a note: "in two weeks you can see what I see @". I always commit myself to posting a sneak peek collection of your wedding photographs within two weeks of your big day so these cards provide some direction to your friends + family who just can't wait to see the photos and to relive the day. And those are my mini MOO cards - just simple and sweet and super petite.

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