Friday, July 2, 2010

hearts of red and white

The beginning of last month started off just right with a wedding full of colors true to my own heart: my photography logo heart, that is. With reds and whites tying the love of Kate and Erfan together, this wedding was a beautiful blend of bold and simple. Perhaps the red and white theme was a major nod to the colors of where they met: Cornell University. Having the wedding there, and bearing the colors, shows that they have a lot of heart not only for each other, but for the school that brought them together as well. 

This is one of my favorites from the day!

What better weekend than the one of July 4th, to bask in one of the liveliest of color combos: red and white (and of course, a little bit of blue if you look really, really hard).

Added tidbit: Where the bride and her girls got ready, Inn on Columbia, is probably one of the coolest and most modern B and B's I have ever seen: in Ithaca, NY. If you are headed to that area, check it out!

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