Saturday, July 17, 2010

hearts of moo

Can't help but to plug my new favorite thing: MOO. If you are in the market for anything printed, these guys make it more than a little bit fun. With the ability to print business cards, postcards and more with as many photos as your heart desires, the day of plain one set image to define who you are and what you have to offer is long gone.

After a recent alignment with one of my other favorite sites, SmugMug - an online photo sharing site, I was able to order MOO's charming miniature cards within seconds. My mini cards have arrived and are destined to travel with me to weddings and events, so that people can follow up with what I am photographing two weeks afterwards on this here blog. I have to say, they are pretty snazzy.

To check out my own SmugMug page to get ideas for how awesome it is and how it can be used, check out see the BE. Thanks for looking!

Coming Soon: The super sweet and lovely wedding of Maria + Chris & An inside look at vintage dress shopping.

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