Thursday, January 28, 2010

band freak

Unfortunate circumstances led me back to my home state of New Jersey last weekend. But with good friends, laughs, and some Freak: the long, hard weekend turned into a reason to re-remember how good it feels to love and enjoy.

With retro Starland Ballroom of Sayreville, NJ setting the backdrop for the rock covers performed by the witty, silly, and lively band Freak, there wasn't much to not enjoy. Having never seen a show there (even though I grew up nearby) and having never heard of this NJ-based band, I didn't know what to expect before I stepped into the place. My friend even warned: "You're not going to like this band, but maybe you can take photographs". So, I just went with it. And song by song, minute by minute, picture by picture, I was hooked.

Fit with a great sense of humor and a charming newly-wed smile (flashed during breaks), the lead singer brought the heavy rock tunes to life with the solidity of pure entertainment. I dug the music, dug the presence: I pretty much dug it all. And no matter how many props he could bring on stage, no matter how many times he might feel inclined to flip the audience off, I felt his (and the band's) playfulness on stage to be quite fun to experience.

Want to try a new musical group on for size? Give Freak a try by heading on over to the band's website or the Freak myspace page.


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  2. This is great. I love your review and the photographs are better than what I saw when I was actually there. Wish you were at all the shows.

    (I deleted my last comment because of all the typographical errors - I think I'm losing my mind.)

  3. I wish I was at all the shows too - with you. Keep me posted, and we'll make it happen more often.


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