Tuesday, December 29, 2009

hearts of LA: part two

The boy holding the cardboard sign with the neatly written plea of "Trying to get to Michigan. Every dollar counts." really seems to epitomize the land of the LA in my mind. It is filled with all of these long, lost reminiscing New Yorkers serving nachos at a Mexican bar, and wish-they-could-land-a-gig actors who paint themselves gold and go out on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to earn a buck or two. The costumed creatures of the Hollywood area take "just put on a smile" to a whole new level, but it doesn't mean that it isn't fun to be a tourist for a day.

Above: Grauman's Chinese Theater

Below: Hollywood resident remains pensive for 20 minutes, wondering which would be a better start to his day: a cruise around town with his movie star map flapping in the wind or a trip down reality lane with the news clutched in his hands. {He opted for the map, if you are curious.}

Below: The old mixed with the new. LA is filled with vintage 50's visuals mixed with our modern day here and now, but what made it stand out to me is that in many cases, the two blend together seamlessly.

Above: Closer look at the Michigan boy who clicked his heels together three times, but ended right back up on the same Hollywood corner the next day.

all photography by Melissa Lynn of beIMAGED Photography.

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