Thursday, November 12, 2009

praying with sister anne

Good old fashioned punk rock music flared with a sense of new: I had the pleasure of hanging with Sister Anne, the Brooklyn based band with one hell of a lead singer. Kitana, the lead singer, is the powerhouse at the forefront of the band, with a raspy scream-sing that hits you hard and makes it hard for you to forget.

The band practice I was able to attend and capture was one of merit: a live concert all to myself. Behind the music, all of the band members were as cool as could be. Easy-going, friendly, and all the while, serious about their music. Their presence makes you feel right at home, while their sounds make you want to jump up and down and all around. What a blend. It felt like soul and punk rock were on a date, and the sparks flew.

To see more photos from this Sister Anne shoot, check out the beIMAGED Photography smugmug page.

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