Friday, September 11, 2009

sparks ignite at the very bitter end

Miss Tori Sparks sends me on a trip with her deep and powerful voice and lyrics on September 3rd, at The Bitter End in Greenwich Village. She's a little bit of country, a little bit of folk, and a lot bit of soul. There's pain behind her songs, but optimism in her demeanor - and she carries the two with nothing short of grace. In between songs about confusion and loss, she drinks her gin and tonic and gives the crowd a wide grin while casually chatting about all of the characters she's met along her travels - as if to say that yeah this world might be messed up, but it's ok: we're all special. After belting out one of her gem songs "Tall Towers", off of her new album, "The Scorpion in the Story", she gives a giggle and sigh because it takes her back to the character that inspired the words. For her, the music is not just about her personal journey and experience, but everyone else's as well.

With an insightful connection to the world around her, a voice as deep as a canyon, three full albums and one EP under her belt, and a Tennessee charm that is nearly impossible to resist, this country gal has got something truly magical to offer to the world.

Just hearing about Tori for the first time? Check out her website at, and I beg you to tune into my own personal favorite album of hers: 2007's "Under This Yellow Sun". And check out her upcoming tour dates - she might just be headed towards you!

Photography by Melissa Lynn of beIMAGED Photography.

1 comment:

  1. Nice Promo. It made me check her out. It really does sound like folk music with a deep soulful voice. I like it.


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