Saturday, September 12, 2009

good sound abound

An "underground" band very much worth checking out is New York City's Left on Red. To stumble upon them feels like a gift: for me, they were a sweet surprise on Sept. 3rd after Tori Sparks enraptured us with her powerful chords. The band features cute and humble girls with incredibly unique music, that say with friendly smiles that they make their money playing in subway stations. Each song transports you to unfamiliar territory where the music is good and the drinks crisp. One second you are at a Parisian cafe, the next you're swept away, off to a sultry Spanish night club. Words can't even begin to fully describe the experience of seeing Left on Red live, but I'll try: ephemral, fun, freeing, happy, uplifting, real, provoking, one of a kind. Best put, their music embodies the moment in time when you are stuck at a red light at 3 AM in the middle of nowhere, with your left turn signal monotonously blinking, and you decide to slowly let your foot lift off from the brake, because sometimes life is just a little bit more fun if you don't follow the rules.

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