Tuesday, April 22, 2014

happy earth day!

I wanted to take a minute out of my day to say Happy Earth Day to everyone! While I am still new to the world of gardening, composting, and in general getting my hands dirty creating a sustainable backyard (and even having a backyard in general!), I have always cared about the environment and do everything in my power to preserve it. After all, we would be nothing without nature and all its glory. We have to take care of it! I even consider myself a "green photographer" and you can find out more about what I mean by that in the my story section of my website.

As the sun has begun to shine in a more consistent manner over that past few days, life in Spring has truly started for my family. My son has officially become obsessed with being outside and as soon as the sliding door opens, he is ready to bolt. I can't blame him after a snowy winter of being stuck inside and of course becoming a walker outside where there is an oasis of dirt, ants, and rocks to explore, who wouldn't want to be hanging outside most of the day? So let's all follow suit, and spend quality time with nature today!

Cheers to the Earth!

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