Monday, March 28, 2011

here comes marriage meal

As I have shared with many of my new clients, I not only photograph weddings but have been planning my own May 2011 wedding as well. With my own wedding right around the corner (40 days away to be exact!), I have been living in the world that I have never fully known before now. Totally in love and ecstatic to be getting married to the man I love but totally stressed out because there are just so many things to think of in planning our event!

So, I took some time out over the weekend to cook a nice dinner full of our favorite ingredients and to sit down with my husband-to-be for a comfort food break from wedding planning. The goal and achievement was to simply think of and talk about what marriage means to us and all of what we love about each other. No formality needed. It was so lovely, and although I am no chef, I figured it would be nice to share some of what I prepared. Enjoy! (We did.)

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