Tuesday, October 13, 2009

they said i do, two

I am going to miss the editing process of Melissa and Jonas' wedding day photographs, but I suppose it is time they get to enjoy them as well. This couple and family were full of little gems that shined right through my lens. They had all of the best qualities: personality, looks, great senses of humor, major dancing skills, and best of all, a layer of intrigue to them. Whether it was the little girl in the corner or the mother on the dance floor, I wanted to know them and most interestingly, they seemed to want to know me too.

Stay tuned and check back in on or after Friday, October 16th, for these photographs and many, many more that will become available for viewing, printing, and merchandise ordering on my smugmug page. Or check back because you like my work. Either way.


  1. Great shots. My friend wanted me to photograph their wedding and I said no. I was too scared to mess it up!

  2. What an amazing testament to a special day. Unbelievable photography Melissa!


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